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World´s Inter-Dealer Over The Counter 



Link Monitoring

Link, our innovative machine-generated data tool is designed to help sophisticated investors operate more efficiently in our B2B model. Our technology can provide you with accurate and timely data, helping you offer even more precise services to your own clients.


Diversifying In Crypto Assets

Complex methods made simple. Connecting two entities with ease to initiate trades.

Negotiating the best possible conditions for our clients is a top strength.

Specialized in assisting HNWI and Institutional clients engage in over-the-counter cryptocurrency trading.

We are flexible and ready for customized procedures & services which ensure for quick trades. 

Client information and priorities are fully respected and kept confidential.

Never be at a disadvantage, or negatively positioned, during OTC trades with us.

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Quick, thorough and tactical fact finding

Through our fact finding process, we are able to optimize a list of options which best suit your trading preference.

By analyzing a wide range of vetted opportunities,

we are stringent on precise alignment of meeting our client needs. Detailed analysis allows up to optimize opportunities listed within our roster of various over-the-counter solutions.

Our extremely strategic and diversified scenarios are designed through analyzing various investment scenarios by working closely, understanding and listening to our client needs.

Utilizing various financial principles, the possibilities are abundant in nature, and we ensure only the best options are presented as well as executed.

We strive to design our process through optimizing the R/R ratios

to the best of our abilities and as often as possible.

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Dedicated  research for (U)HNWI and Institutions


Each trade presents its own amount of risk, rewards and opportunities alike, namely within the crypto market.


Our honest and ethical approach is simple in nature and we deliver professional consultative services for all of our clients. Our team consists of successful Cryptocurrency Traders, early adopters, business development executives and financial analytical members. Through years of experience and providing clients with catered solutions, we ensure our client financial intentions are met.  


Our goal is to help maximize diversification in both the short and long term timelines, safeguarding any funds allocated towards projects through mitigating risk via extensive due diligence processes.


Prior to executing your trade in the over-the-counter market, we encourage you to seek credible input and knowledge and then confirm best options which the crypto markets have to offer. 

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Extreme liquidity for Banks and Countries


Save time by finding out which solutions are the best for the biggest trades

by exploring options for specific order placements.


Setting out larger quotes make trading on the open market ever so uncomfortable for everyone. The last thing you would want is being trapped before a trade. Keep in mind, the largest stock exchanges, OTC trading desks, dark pools and crypto miners are full of ambitious and ruthless dealers who are able and willing to make a profit at the expense of your dollar.


The liquidity market is currently dominating over everyday day trading markets which current exchanges offer to the general public. Be aware and prepared to engage into solutions for the liquidity market, WID OTC is here to guide you along your path to successful transacting. 


Give us a call or send us a message to find out exactly how we can help you

as well and provide you with the best opportunities to deal within current conditions of the crypto space.


We are determined to provide safe and smooth transitions into transacting,

which accurately describes our approach on working with others and overall vision. We are here to happily help.

Contact us to find out how our tailored approach can fulfil your objective and needs. 

Let us help you invest. Get in touch now.


Excellent Experience and Knowledge

As Cryptocurrency Traders, we’ve consulted with clients on their participation in the crypto market, trading decisions and various financial options and instruments available at our helm.

Highly liquid OTC trading desks and Ultra High-Net Worth Individuals are often matched together as ideal buyers and sellers through our unique system.

Modern Office


Get to Know Us

Specialists in Blockchain technology, innovators,
financial experts, successful crypto traders and
many more talented people makes our team strong.




Managing Director

With a robust foundation in financial technology, Jiri played strategic role in guiding significant projects, leveraging deep insights into global markets and distributed ledger strategies. His expertise in strategic planning, honed through eight years as a price specialist at a multinational corporation where he processed investments exceeding €120 million, is complemented by his experience at the Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme at Saïd Business School.

Since 2016, his engagement in the crypto asset realm has cultivated a profound understanding of emerging financial technologies. Holding a Master's degree in a technical field, he demonstrates an ongoing commitment to blockchain and secure financial solutions, coupled with advanced knowledge of global economics. His creation of an investment planning tool handling financial volumes over €0.6 billion further showcases his capabilities as a strategic innovator.

Adept in trade negotiation and with a collaborative approach in diverse international settings, his leadership is key in driving innovation within varied teams. Focused on leveraging technology for meaningful advancement, he plays a crucial role in navigating the organization through the dynamic global financial landscape, continually adapting and applying his expertise to new challenges.

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Chief Strategy Officer

Co-Founder of Blockchain Association and CEO of CryptoLab in Latvia. 

Strong personality with complex knowledge of DLT. Deep fundamental analysis expert of Blockchain projects and successful investor into start-ups.

Progressive and systematic formulator of proper strategic concepts, that shapes fundamental blocks of our company.





Jim, a seasoned finance professional and serial entrepreneur, has managed over $250 million in the industry and founded Golden Star Enterprises. His roles in tech innovation, including as Head of Investor Relations for Naoris and co-founder of a DeFi project, further bolster his credibility. His academic credentials from California State University-Fullerton and Haroun Education Ventures underline his expertise.

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With two decades of experience in investment bank technology and trading, Aaron Elahi has specialized in managing and trading substantial financial assets. An expert in DeFi, Blockchain, FinTech, and digital assets, Aaron has significantly impacted the crypto and financial technology sectors.

Aaron's crypto journey began in 2016, leading to the establishment of the Global Crypto Insights DAO in 2022, a network born from his connections at Oxford University. He now advises wealth managers, family offices, and High Net Worth Individuals in Bitcoin and digital asset investments.

Recognized globally in the Blockchain and crypto community, Aaron has a notable track record, including mentoring a Forbes Magazine’s 30 under 30 European Finance winner in 2018. He continues to educate and inform people worldwide about Blockchain technology and digital asset investment strategies.

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VP - America

Vice President for America

Xavier has made significant contributions to the realm of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, most notably, he architected the first Multi-Asset-Backed Cryptocurrency. He played a crucial role in negotiated the first implementation of a Blockchain solution for a national government. As an esteemed lecturer, Xavier has shared his expertise at esteemed institutions such as the Oxford Saïd Business School and global platforms like the World Economic Forum.

He is a trusted advisor to governments and corporations alike, offering guidance and consultation on emerging technologies. Besides his tech endeavors, Xavier has a commendable business record. He contributed significantly to the growth of his family's Home Health Business, which has evolved into South Florida’s Premier Private Agency, a high-end, high-touch agency with a multi-million dollar turnover.

Currently, Xavier partners with governments, Fortune 50 and 500 companies, advising them on emerging technologies and blockchain solutions through his firm, Phireon Global Partners. This private firm specializes in blockchain and emerging technologies and is the creator of the Phireon App, an innovative blockchain technology solution that caters to a diverse array of financial needs, such as banking, exchange, payroll, lending, and international commerce for its clients.

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Chief Investment Officer

Precise and reliable person with International business experience.

Entrepreneur and co-founder of multiple different types of successful businesses.

A person eager for knowledge with a master's degree in IT and economics.


Extensive experience in ATS and developing profitable trading strategies based on FA and TA.

A former software developer and designer.  Investor in Blockchain projects since early 2017 and active trader.


Liquidity provider and portfolio manager focused especially on precious metals and crypto assets.





The Switzerland-based licensed Financial Advisor excels in crafting tailored financial strategies and optimizing capital management, consistently delivering impressive results.


With a wealth of experience, the advisor expertly supports clients in planning, restructuring, and tax harmonization across various investments and sustainable business ventures.


Emphasizing risk management and wealth preservation, the advisor employs insurance to safeguard clients' assets and encourages profit participation, fostering financial growth and success through innovative solutions.

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Cryptocurrency trader since early 2013.

Blockchain specialist and leader in various distributed ledger crypto-solution concepts.


As a main community advisor he is a direct connection to networking events which support evolution of the independent and decentralised world.





Managing Director at SecuX Technology Inc.

International Business experience for over two decades.

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Business Analyst

Identificates and interpret trends or models from complex data in accordance with Chinese Philology.

Personal specialization in precious metals with graduation in goldsmith.




Communication Officer

Focused on English and Chinese communication more than one decade.

Sarka is excellent in communication across cultures with rich experience in teaching and translation. Devoted for new developments in digital technology.

Our team is open to your questions. Let us know if you have a request or any problem with OTC trading.


We are here to help you make smart choices.
WID OTC is internationally focused as digital assets.
Contact us today and let’s discuss your trading needs.



Prague       Bratislava       Vienna

Riga       Amsterdam

Dubai       New York

+420 777 08 10 13


Services include products which are and/or may be held by third-parties. We advise ideal and confirmed end users, there are also risks involved and potential of losses. OTC deals may not be suitable for all individuals. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. In no way is WID OTC, its affiliates, whether company or individuals, employees, advisors, consultants or independent contractors, can ever be held liable to any extent in the event of a loss due to system malfunction, unethical practices beyond the boundaries of WID OTC, human error, or non-performance.  Any harm or tarnishing of the WID OTC name and/or its individuals will be subject to prosecution the fullest extent of the law.

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