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  • How does your solution work?
    Users connect their exchange accounts via our APP using an API, enabling the strategic utilization of our DATA for trading activities on their exchange accounts.
  • What is Link?
    Link is the distinguished brand of our Corporation, representing our commitment to excellence and innovation in the financial technology sector.
  • What are the priority settings within the LIST?
    The LIST is an aggregator of new user request connections and coordinates them inside the APP for the partners. It creates a hierarchy of users and makes priority lines, sorting new accounts asking for connection based on priority settings. The LIST pushes forwards or pulls backwards the users in the line for new account connections based on past activity, Active Account Connection (AAC) volume, success fee on-time payments, partner recommendations, etc.
  • Does Link have access to my exchange accounts?
    No at all, our APP secures and monitors the API. The user has access to DATA made to generate profit. The LIST verifies the user and ensures only eligible accounts are ready to be smoothly connected.
  • How does the the Waiting List (LIST) work?
    The LIST ensures that the user is ready to connect to the DATA. It involves account verification and activation. The LIST allows only a limited number of accounts associated with the user to be connected per a specific timeframe. It grants access only to accounts that have a fully operational and stable API connection. The LIST is our internal queue system managing the onboarding of users and their accounts for active connection to our DATA. Accessible post-Exchange Account Setup (EAS), the LIST ensures that each account is fully set up and operational before granting access to our DATA.
  • Where is your company based?
    Our headquarters are located in the heart of the UK's financial hub, London, underscoring our commitment to global excellence and connectivity. Our UK company is incorporated with the registration number 11610177, reflecting our strong presence and compliance within a leading financial hub.
  • Why are you doing it?
    Our mission is to diversify and make accessible new investment solutions, thereby transforming the financial landscape and offering our clients unparalleled opportunities to thrive in the market.
  • How transparent is Link?
    Transparency is a cornerstone of our operations at Link. Users have full control over their funds on their exchange accounts, and the DATA provided to users are complete and delivered on a daily basis. This commitment to transparency ensures users are always informed and can make decisions with confidence, knowing they have a clear and accurate understanding of their investments and the workings of our platform.
  • Do you have access to the client’s capital?
    We do not have access to the client's funds. Users retain full control over their capital on their exchange accounts, ensuring security and autonomy.
  • How does your B2B model work?
    In our B2B model, a partner manages multiple users, oversees their activation, and delivers exceptional customer support.
  • Who are your customers?
    Our esteemed clientele comprises groups of qualified High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI) and institutional investors. This distinguished customer base is a testament to the premium service quality and the high standards we maintain.
  • Who is your DATA suitable for?
    Our DATA is crafted for sophisticated investors, professional traders, and asset managers, offering them a competitive edge in the market. The precision and depth of our DATA make it a powerful resource for those looking to enhance their trading strategies and market analysis.
  • Who is your APP suitable for?
    The APP is tailored for Partners, Institutions, Investors, Asset Managers, Company Representatives, C-Level Executives, and other key stakeholders in the financial sector. Users that are coordinated by one of our respected Partners also find our APP highly suitable for their operational needs.
  • Who can use your services?
    Our services are exclusively designed for professional and qualified investors possessing assets over 1M USD, ensuring we cater to an elite and proficient clientele. This selective approach underscores our commitment to offering specialized services that meet the needs of sophisticated investors.
  • Do you offer any asset management under a fully regulated entity?
    Asset management services are available under EU Regulation but are exclusively accessible to specific customers based on acceptance and onboarding by one of our Regulated Partner.
  • Why is Link better than other similar-looking projects?
    Link stands out due to its very high success rate, secure connection and monitoring, and our innovative B2B model with our partners. Our commitment to excellence ensures reliability and superior performance in all our services.
  • What are the best services you provide in the market?
    We provide a transparent investment solution aimed at stabilizing successful operations. Our focus on clarity, consistency, and performance makes our services among the best in the market, catering to the sophisticated needs of professional and institutional investors.
  • What are your products and services?
    Our APP provides access to premium DATA after establishing a secure connection via API to user's exchange accounts. While the APP is a complimentary service, the DATA, subject to License terms, is a valuable, paid product.
  • Why are you different?
    We distinguish ourselves through our commitment to no deposits, clear transparency, full flexibility, a focus on stability, and the minimization of risk, setting new standards in the financial services industry.
  • What is Link B2B Tool?
    Link B2B Tool is our internal (Monitoring) APP connecting partners and users, ensuring secure API encryption, monitoring activity, and alerting all parties of essential API status changes. It's your gateway to accessing the LIST and utilizing DATA for profit on user exchange accounts. The Monitoring APP grants seamless access to critical DATA and enables interaction with the LIST, ensuring your financial strategies are efficiently executed.
  • What is Link offering?
    Our company provides exclusive DATA through our advanced APP, accessible post-clearance of our comprehensive Waiting List (LIST).
  • What type of markets is your DATA usable for?
    Our package of DATA is designed for dynamic and volatile markets, offering sophisticated solutions for proffesional strategies to navigate and capitalize on market movements effectively. Its robust design and conditionally advanced algorithms which make it suitable for various market types, enabling users to effectively respond to market dynamics and maximize overall trading potential.
  • What are the new member registration fees?
    Registration is FREE for new Users. Only Partners are obliged to pay a monthly fee for the APP usage, ensuring a cost-effective entry for individual users.
  • How much does using DATA cost?
    The costs are derived from profits, but the payments are settled differently. Essentially, users don't make direct payments but instead experience reduced profits once their accounts start generating gains. For a precise quote, please reach out to one of our partners.
  • How much does your service costs?
    Our pricing model is performance-based and does not include any setup or maintenance fees. We determine charges using dynamic grading and volume-based metrics linked to the total Active Account Connection (AAC). The majority of the profit remains with the user (in comparsion to License provider), while a minority is billed by the Partner on a monthly basis, ensuring a fair share of the profit made by the use of DATA.
  • How much does it cost me to test Link´s services?
    The Partner oversees the setup of new Users. There are no costs associated with the testing phase. However, it's essential to pass the LIST (Waiting List) that organizes all users, sorts them, and activates the accessibility of DATA.
  • What is your service payments type and frequency?
    We offer flexible payment methods, including Fiat and Crypto, on a monthly basis as per the Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Do I incur any additional fees for using Link?
    Based on the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Partnership Agreement (PA), specific fees associated with the use of our DATA are defined. No additional fees are incurred.
  • What I need to set up to get my exchange account ready to communicate with the APP?
    Yes, setup involves verification of your exchange account, KYC, AML, Futures account creation, and subaccount creation, ensuring a secure and compliant trading environment.
  • Is free testing available?
    Yes, free testing is available under specific conditions confirmed by the Partner. This allows users to experience our APP and assess the quality of our tools and DATA in a risk-free environment, ensuring confidence and satisfaction before making any commitments.
  • What settings are required to be setup on my exchange account to start using a DATA?
    Clients need to complete specific settings as part of the Exchange Account Setup (EAS) and these include following steps: 1. Exchange account registration and KYC, 2. AML, 3. Account Verification, 4. Account settings, 5. Account protection and 2FA, 6. Setting up Futures account, 7. Creating subaccount, 8. Conducting an API test. These steps ensure a secure, compliant, and optimized setup, enabling clients to utilize our DATA effectively and confidently.
  • How to book a meeting?
    Please fill out a form on our website, and we will coordinate with our Partner to schedule a meeting.
  • Can I have more than one account connected to your DATA?
    Yes, you can connect multiple accounts, but this needs to be approved by the partner and meet the criteria of the LIST.
  • How long it will take to go through a setup and go live?
    The setup and activation process takes a minimum of 2-5 days and a maximum of 7-14 business days, depending on LIST approval and its conditions.
  • I want to start fast, what are the steps to follow?
    To start, please let us guide you through following steps: 1. use our form on the website, 2. follow up with our partner, 3. Fill and Sign Expression Of Interest (EOI), 4. Complete your Exchange Account Setup (EAS), 5. Sign Up with an APP, 6. Get on the Waiting List (LIST), 7. Generate an API, 8. Get approved on the LIST, 9. Sign the SLA (Software License Agreement), 10. Sign the PA (Payment Agreement to SLA), 11. Start using DATA on User´s Accounts approved by the LIST.
  • Do I need to install anything?
    We offer a browser-based platform for our APP, along with an integrated mobile APP, ensuring accessibility and convenience for our users.
  • How many new customers can be onboarded on your Waiting List by one Partner?
    A Partner can onboard numerous new customers based on their capacity. The LIST sorts and verifies all applications, granting approval to those meeting our comprehensive criteria.
  • How to start?
    Begin by filling out a form on our website and adhering to our guidelines Exchange Account Setup (EAS) to be placed on our Waiting List (LIST). Further steps will be communicated upon approval.
  • Is there any demo to try?
    A demo of our solution is available for a limited time, allowing potential users to familiarize themselves with our solution. The process mirrors the onboarding steps for new users, ensuring a comprehensive experience.
  • How many hours daily is algorithm behind your DATA active?
    The algorithm is active 24/7/365, ensuring continuous monitoring and trading opportunities, maximizing the potential for profit. Any scheduled maintanances will be anounced by Partners internally to all respective users.
  • What technical requirements are needed to integrate your solution and use your DATA?
    Integrating with Link is straightforward and designed for efficiency and accessibility. Our APP is tailored to ensure that individuals without extensive technical backgrounds can readily onboard and harness the full capabilities of our services. You can integrate with confidence, as we prioritize simplicity while maintaining robust functionality.
  • Which exchanges (or Brokers) can I trade on with Link?
    You can trade on Binance, OKX, and upcoming Bitmex. Interactive Brokers (under extensive implementation), offering a diverse range of options for your trading needs.
  • Why are your DATA valuable?
    The DATA we provide is a unique blend of algorithmic precision and historically beneficial patterns, boasting an exceptionally high success rate oscillating around 99%. Our strategies are rooted in strong fundamentals of quantitative core methodologies, ensuring sustainable monthly profits even in dynamic markets.
  • What are the limitations on user's accounts while it is actively connected to your DATA source?
    The user retains full control and responsibility for their account setup, protection, and access. We do not have any rights to anything that is solely in the possession of the user and his accounts. We provide DATA that are accessible via our APP and provide a DATA source based on agreement terms with our Partner. How the user takes advantage of our DATA is solely at their own discretion. Our internal process and verification and maintenance of all connections are dependent on conditions set by the LIST terms and the decision of the Partner.
  • What kind of support and training do you offer?
    We offer comprehensive support and training, with Partners taking charge of user coordination, guidance, and full setup. Continuous support is available to address any questions or issues that may arise, ensuring a smooth and beneficial user experience.
  • How are customers informed about performance and how often?
    Customers can view their balance on their exchange accounts at any time. Partners actively monitor accounts daily and are available for support when needed. Monthly performance reports are issued to both the user and the Partner for review and confirmation, ensuring transparency and informed decision-making.
  • How API works with your system?
    API (application programming interface) is establishing a seamless and secure communication channel between our APP and User's exchange accounts. APIs work by sharing data between applications, devices and systems. This happens through a request and response cycle. A user initiates a request for Data by interacting with an application. The request is sent to the API, which retrieves the DATA and returns it to the user. The User obtains our generated DATA through the API directly to his exchnage sub-account. It is important to emphasize that without the use of API keys, this Data is not readable. Thanks to the API keys, not only the readability of the Data is ensured, but also their availability. Through these API keys, the User also has access to the protocol of information changes, all updates, and the number of records processed in these systems.
  • What are your technical limitations?
    Our system is designed with client security in mind; we cannot access client funds, which are inherently restricted within our system, ensuring maximum client autonomy and safety.
  • Do our team need to have any coding skills to use your DATA?
    No, our integration process is user-friendly and designed for efficiency. It's tailored for use by any qualified investor or professional trader team, ensuring ease of use and accessibility. You don't need coding skills to take full advantage of our services.
  • How to integrate the B2B Tool with our corporate operating structure?
    Full guidance is provided individually during a call with our team. Implementation and optimization are highly effective, and individual needs are fully supported. The integration process typically takes 3-9 days, depending on the complexity of the user's main preferences.
  • Is Link secure?
    The company undergoes extensive checks and robust protocols to ensure the highest security standards. We utilize advanced encryption protocols to protect every piece of information. Our app is designed with user security in mind, incorporating bank-grade security infrastructure to safeguard transactions. The API coverage is surrounded by a set of infrastructure layers with separate robust mechanisms. We also self-regulate to achieve potential perfection in security. We are committed to maintaining strict security and privacy controls, similar to those required by NIS2 (The Directive on Security of Network and Information Systems), ensuring strong and robust cybersecurity practices.
  • Is your APP secure?
    Our APP prioritizes exceptional security standards, adhering to bank-level protocols to ensure the utmost safety of your trading activities. Please see more in another sections with refference to the ISO 27001, ISO 27002, NIS2 and SOC2 technical and security standards.
  • How are my API keys secured?
    Your API keys are protected with bank-level security measures, including S3 encryption and rigorous access controls, ensuring that your trading operations and data integrity are never compromised.
  • Have you been audited?
    Our internal protocols echo the rigorous requirements of SOC2 (Service Organization Control 2), demonstrating our commitment to robust security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.
  • How do you ensure data security in your organization?
    Ensuring robust data security within our organization is a top priority. Some of key measures we implement are: 1. Access Controls: We enforce strict access controls to limit data access to authorized personnel only. Role-based access ensures that employees can access only the data necessary for their roles. 2. Encryption: All sensitive data, whether in transit or at rest, is encrypted using strong algorithms. Encryption keys are securely managed and rotated periodically. 3. Network Security: Our network architecture includes firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and regular security audits. We monitor network traffic for anomalies and promptly address any security incidents. 4. Secure APIs: For financial operations via API connections, we follow best practices for API security. Authentication, authorization, and validation mechanisms are rigorously implemented. 5. Data Minimization: We collect and retain only necessary data. Regular data purging ensures that we don’t store data beyond its purpose. 6. Employee Training: All employees undergo security awareness training. They understand their responsibilities in safeguarding data. 7. Incident Response Plan: We have a well-defined incident response plan. In case of breaches, we follow protocols for containment, investigation, and communication. 8. Vendor Risk Management: We assess third-party vendors for their security practices. Contracts include data protection clauses. 9. Regular Audits and Assessments: Internal and external audits validate our security controls. Vulnerability assessments help us identify and address weaknesses. 10. Privacy by Design: We embed privacy considerations into our systems from the outset. Data protection impact assessments guide our decisions. Note: Our commitment to data security remains unwavering, and we continuously adapt to evolving threats.
  • How does the Monitoring APP work?
    The Monitoring APP is designed to safeguard API keys, validate API connectivity and stability, monitor latency, and notify users about any inactivity, ensuring uninterrupted trading activities. It also gives to our Partners comprehensive set of tools to manage and help all users effectively.
  • What are the risks?
    While risks on our end are meticulously minimized, users maintain flexibility and full access to their funds at all times. However, users are responsible for the security of their exchange accounts.
  • How is my account secured when connected to your APP?
    Your account security is paramount when connected to our APP. Users retain full control, with no third-party access to their accounts. All API key settings are managed exclusively by the user, ensuring a highly secure trading environment.
  • Do I need to complete KYC?
    Compliance with regulations is mandatory. Discuss with your partner or any of our Asset Managers to confirm your readiness and compliance status.
  • Are you licensed?
    We operate in alignment with the best practices outlined in ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 to ensure the highest level of information security and data protection, our systems are designed in accordance with the principles and controls of these respected standards. ISO 27001 (include risk assessment, security controls, incident response, and ongoing monitoring). ISO 27002 (covers aspects like access control, cryptography, human resource security, and incident response). Our commitment to quality resonates with the ISO 9001 standard, and our processes are developed to align with its quality management principles, aiming for consistent improvement and customer satisfaction. ISO 9001 (sets out the criteria for a quality management system and is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the involvement of top management, the process approach, and continual improvement). Our company is ICO registered under registration refference number ZB552726.
  • Are you regulated?
    Our organization diligently adheres to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) principles. As both a data controller and processor, we tailor GDPR compliance to our specific scope of activities. We promptly address data subject requests, follow breach notification guidelines, and conduct impact assessments. While our claims align with best practices, they are not entirely binding due to the dynamic self-regulatory environment we operate in.
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